Winter Reading Challenge

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For anyone interested in an “excuse” to read this winter, you should head over the Karlene at Inksplasher. You can read the specific details of the challenge here. Karlene is hosting an awesome reading challenge which essentially states that you sign up for the challenge and then make a list of books that you propose to read between December 22 and March 19.  This is about 3 months of reading during a normally vacation-free time with as few distractions as possible (children don’t count). Then you post that list on your own blog. You then agree to revisit the list and write and occasional review of the books you’ve read.

As Karlene states, this isn’t about work. If you find yourself bored with a book, you simply cross it off the list and begin another. You can adjust the list larger or smaller as the challenge progresses. You are not accountable for your list. It is up to you to do whatever you wish with it.

There are also prizes associated for participants. Please run over to Karlene’s site to read the rest of the requirements.

This sounds like a great opportunity to get some reading in, share your thoughts with your readers and get some ideas for future readings.

Once I was convinced that boys were “Alloud” into the clubhouse, I jumped on the chance. I would love to see other men join in too. Head on over and sign up.

My Reading List

One of the things that Karlene suggested we do is to go outside your usual genre and try something new. I will do that with my first book. Any of you who me, also know that I DESPISE most self-help books and all that pop psychology stuff. But I was told to read Mending the Broken Bond by Dr Frank Lawlis. So might as well get that one over with.

The second book will be Italian Stories by Josepha Papaleo since I am interested in the Italian story and am trying to write my own version of it. I found out one of the best ways to procrastinate from the act of writing is the read about what others are saying about the topic you are supposed to be writing about. You can always call it “research.”

The third book will be….ummmm….I don’t know yet. I am looking at my shelf (you can see the items from the top three books on my shelf by checking out my profile on GoodReads here. If you have any ideas what you think I should read nex, let me know. I even have a nice Barnes and Noble gift card burning a hole in my wallet.

More to come…



8 Responses to “Winter Reading Challenge”

  1. Avery Says:

    Your list is sadly lacking in romance. I could suggest several! ;o)

  2. danleone Says:

    Hi Avery:

    My life is one giant romance novel….without the damsels in petticoats, pirates with shaved pecs and, I almost forgot, the romance part.


  3. Mr Lady Says:

    Ooooo, I might do that!

  4. meleah rebeccah Says:

    READ? I haven’t read anything other than blogs in almost a year… I miss a GOOD BOOK…. hmmm…maybe I will head to Barnes and Nobel right now!

  5. terri Says:

    This requires committment and planning ahead; unfamiliar territory for me. But maybe I’ll give it a shot!

  6. Karlene Says:

    Thanks for stepping up. Glad to have you. I, too, have a B&N gift card heating up in my purse. Lucky us. :)

  7. Deb Says:

    May I make a dark and very funny suggestion? “National Book Award Winner” by Jincy Willett. I actually laughed out loud reading it (once or twice) and, as you know, I never really laugh aloud. You also might enjoy “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman. Fascinating, it’s a non-fictional look at what would happen to Earth if humans ceased to exist one day.

    Don’t forget my giant book list on my blog!!

  8. bmgmom Says:

    Oh, I was just about to recommend “The Kite Runner” but I see it’s already on your list, finished and rated. I’ll give some thought to another suggestion.

    I just finished “Three Cups of Tea” and will be writing the review soon…

    I’m so glad you’re participating!!

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